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Cassava van Java a.k.a Casavanjava is sociopreneur under PT. Kertagemilang Surya Sukowati management which runs the business with and give positive impact to the whole society and the environment, not only in Central Java, Indonesia as we are located, but also to the whole world, through specializing in providing cassava (Manihot esculenta) and its derivative products, as healthier food such as general purpose Modified Cassava Flour (MOCAF) as alternatif to wheat.

Indonesia is source of cassava (manioc) and its derivative products. We excellent in producing dried cassava, cassava starch or tapioca, modified cassava flour (MOCAF) which is regarded as substitution to wheat as the raw material for various kinds of food such as noodles, bakeries, cookies, etc. MOCAF is trend in Europe and USA as healthy food due to gluten free, low sugar, low calorie, less fat yet high fiber. We also export cassava residue for animal feed mainly for cattle fodder. Other derivative products of cassava are cassava chips, crackers, noodle, etc.

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    Raw Cassava, Dried Cassava, Flour, Noodle.


    Modified Cassava Flour. General Purpose Flour

Cassava is Glutten Free
the Modified Cassava Flour
(MOCAF) is Even Better
than Just Tapioca!

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