MOCAF is abbreviation of Modified Cassava Flour. It is a Cassava flour product made of modified cassava, through fermentation process by lactic acid bacteria. The fermentation carried out changes the characteristics of flour so that it can be used as raw material for various food products. MOCAF was invented by Prof. Ir. Achmad Subagio, M.Agr. from the University of Jember, Indonesia. Achmad Subagio was inspired by the processing of potatoes in the Netherlands into several types of flour and starch that can be used as raw materials for various foods. He wants to make cassava which is a local food, can be processed into various types of food. The initial purpose of making this MOCAF was to improve the welfare of cassava farmers.

Characteristics of MOCAF flour

MOCAF is edible general purpose cassava flour product which has specific characteristics when compared to cassava flour in general. MOCAF has a lower protein content than cassava flour because protein is reduced during the fermentation process. In terms of viscosity, MOCAF has a higher value than cassava flour because the starch in MOCAF is more. More starch is caused by the fermentation process. However, the starch content of MOCAF is lower than tapioca which is mostly made up of starch. This high viscosity nature makes MOCAF can be used as a food mixture as a binder and product thickener. Organoleptic properties are very different from cassava flour. MOCAF color is whiter than cassava flour. It is known from the degree of whiteness of MOCAF which is higher than cassava flour with values of 88-91 and 85-87, respectively. The distinctive aroma and taste of cassava in MOCAF is also neutral or not felt compared to cassava flour. This causes MOCAF to be used as a variety of raw materials for the manufacture of processed food because of its tasteless nature.

MOCAF as wheat Flour substitution

Some studies show that MOCAF has a substantial capability in substituting wheat flour.  MOCAF flour has similar rising ability to wheat type II (medium protein content),  It can also be digested easier compared to tapioca flour.  In terms of its physical appearance, MOCAF is as white as wheat flour. MOCAF is used to substitute wheat flour in instant noodles for up to 25%-100%, cookies and biscuits for 100%, and bakery for up to 50% substitution. MOCAF Flour is an amazing, grain-free and nut-free replacement for wheat flour that can be used as a 1:1 substitute in countless recipes.

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