International Certified Tapioca

Cassava starch or tapioca is extracted from cassava. It consists only of the starch from the cassava root isolated from the rest of the root. Cassava root is grated and washed to produce starchy water. That water is evaporated and the white residue that left behind is tapioca starch.

Tapioca or Cassava starch is gluten free. It is not only for household consumption but also used as a raw material for products in number of industries. Food and beverage industries, sweetener industries, medical industry, etc.
Cassavanjava provides the best tapioca. This is reflected from the certification that has been owned. including HACCP certificates, ISO 9001, BPOM RI certificates (Indonesian FDA), and Halal Food certificates.

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Our tapioca has several certification i.e:

  • ISO 9001
  • HACCP Food Safety
  • Indonesian FDA (BPOM) Registered and has Health Certificate from BPOM every export shipment.
  • 100% Full oven process


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