Honey Sweet Potatoes

Cilembu sweet potatoes are available year-round. Cilembu sweet potatoes are medium to large in size and are long and cylindrical with a slightly irregular shape. The skin is rough with a golden-brown hue and is speckled with petite eyes, dark brown spots, and fine root hairs. The flesh is firm, dense, and ivory to light brown-orange, turning a rich yellow-orange when cooked. Cilembu sweet potatoes are known for their velvety and sticky texture with a sweet honey-like flavor when roasted or baked.

Current Facts
Cilembu sweet potatoes, botanically classified as Ipomoea batatas, are members of the Convolvulaceae family. Also known as Ubi Cilembu, Ubi Madu Cilembu, and Honey sweet potato, the Cilembu is an older variety that has had various names throughout the years and was officially recognized under the Cilembu name in 2001 by the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture. In addition to being sold as a fresh market variety, today they are popularly sold from street vendors as a baked snack food, simply roasted and wrapped in paper. They are also processed for use in the production of chips, jams, cakes, and syrups.