Dear Purchasing Manager,

My name Ismail, Director of PT Kertagemilang Surya Sukowati. We supply gluten free flour and starch i.e. Tapioca and Modified Cassava Flour from Indonesia. 

Our gluten free flour has been exported to Turkey, UK, Oman, Malaysia, Canada, USA, Sweden, Taiwan, etc. Internationally certifications available are: ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HAACP Food Safety, Halal, Indonesian FDA (BPOM), Health Certificate, COO, Phytosanitary etc. Last month we exported to Turkey one 20 Feet container Tapioca and Cassava flour.

Our Gluten Free Flour (MOCAF: Modified Cassava Flour) and Tapioca have no heavy metal contamination. We always do laboratory test regularly, to assure that our product is comply with food safety standard i.e. HACCP, FSSC / ISO 2200, Indonesia FDA (BPOM) and other food safety standard.

We would like to offer MOCAF and Tapioca to you and I would like to do cooperation and business with you. You may also visit to our factory in Central Java, Indonesia or just contact me for any inquiry.

PS: Sea freight to London is very cheap, only $ 2,000 – $ 2,500 per 20 feet container, load up to 20 metric tons. Only $2 – $2.5 per ton.

Thank you and best regards,

Abdul Rahman Ismail
PT Kertagemilang Surya Sukowati


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