Modified Cassava Flour (MOCAF)

MOCAF, Modified Cassava Flour is known as an alternative to wheat. MOCAF is made of fermented cassava chip, dried and grinded to be  flour. It has a different characteristic compared with ordinary cassava flour and starch (Tapioca), especially in terms of the degree of viscosity, gelation ability, power and ease of rehydration dissolves better. It is gluten free, low glycemic index, lower fat, lower calorie and populer in UK, Europe, Canada, Asia as vegan food, pharmacy, and industrial needs.

  • Non GMO, Gluten Free.
  • Milk White, No Bleaching, No Odor.
  • High Fiber, Low Glycemic Index.
  • Moisture: Max 13%; PH: 4-6.9;  Ash Max 1.5 %; HCN Max 10 mg/Kg; 100 Mesh (99%).
  • Certification: Organik; ISO 2200; HACCP; Halal; BPOM.
  • Available in 50kg bag, 25 kg bag, 500 mg stand pouch or based your criterion.