Tapioca or cassava starch is more highly processed as it consists only of the starch from the cassava root isolated from the rest of the root. The root is grated and washed to produce starchy water. That water is evaporated and the white residue that left behind is tapioca starch.

Tapioca starch is not only for household consumption. It is also used as a raw material for products in number of industries, as follows: Food and beverage industries, Sweetener industries, Medical industry, Textile industry, Paper industry, Biodegradable materials, Plywood industry, lysine industries, Charcoal briquette, etc. These diverse applications make the undeniable note that cassava is the very important crop for agriculture and the development of industrial in general. No matter what form it may take, the benefits remain unchanged

Cassavanjava provide best product of Tapioca. Cassavanjava processes the starch with hygiene processes and full oven drying. Also have some certifications. The certifications are  ISO 9001 quality standard, HACCP certificates, BPOM RI certificates (Indonesian FDA), and Halal Food certificates.

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  • Non GMO,  Gluten Free, 100% Cassava Starch
  • PH 5-6.9; – Mesh 100; – Moisture: Max 13%; Viscosity (Apx> 400)